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Engagement viewing/Ordering Session




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Wedding viewing/ordering Session




The grand reveal


After you've inquired about your date, we will set up a time to meet in person so we can discuss what you're really looking for and figure out how that's going to be accomplished. I'll bring along samples of the products and albums I offer so you can decide which will be the best fit for you and your family.


I love engagement sessions because it's the perfect opportunity for me to get to learn more about my awesome couples. We will collaborate on everything from your outfits to the locations so that your session represents who you are as a couple.


Once your pictures are ready, you'll view them on a gorgeous 27" Retina iMac so you can see just how stunning the two of you look. I'll also show you how to use your online gallery and flash drive. You'll also purchase any prints, products, and albums at this time. We will customize everything just for you so that you have heirloom pieces for a lifetime.


About a month before your wedding, we will sit down together and discuss your wedding day timeline. This ensures that we're on the same page and everything will run smoothly. I've worked with great timelines but I've also worked with terrible timelines that have left the bride in tears because things didn't go as planned. My job is to be the expert that can provide you with plenty of advice about what tends to work best. However, the final decision is always up to you of course.


Time to get married! Your wedding day is going to fly by like a blur but I'll be there with you throughout to ensure that everything goes flawlessly. My clients always mention that I seemed like I was everywhere yet nowhere at the same time. I'm there whenever you need me but I also try to let your day unfold as naturally as possible so everyone can focus on celebrating your love!


Once you return from your incredible honeymoon, we will get together again to view your pictures and order prints, products, and albums. While there's a lot of initial excitement about looking at all of your pictures, few people actually look through all of them because there's just so many. It's totally overwhelming! I'll show you my favorites and help walk you through the process of picking out specific pictures for wall art and albums. 


I like to call this the next best day to Christmas because you get to see and touch all of the amazing heirloom art pieces that you ordered for your home and family! Don't worry, I'll have plenty of tissues handy because you're going to need them after you see everything.