Lancaster, PA



"Excelsior is an eclectic event space inspired by Downtown Lancaster's vintage charm. Unlike anything you may have seen, this multifaceted property combines elegant classical architectural features blended with modern design throughout various connecting spaces. Refreshing outdoor areas and enchanting brewer’s catacombs enhance the overall experience creating a one-of-a-kind venue for any event in any season."

The Locations

You're going to get lost at Excelsior because there are just that many awesome areas to check out. It's a connection of multiple buildings, levels, and spaces that work together to provide you with one of the most unique venues you'll ever come across.

THE Courtyard

The courtyard is spacious and full of unique features which make it perfect for your cocktail and some pictures as well.


THE Terrace

A beautiful open space with industrial beams and massive green wall that brings the space to life. Perfect for your ceremony and plenty of pictures.