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Engagement Session What to Wear

I frequently get asked for suggestions regarding what to wear for an engagement session so I put together this guide to help.

Be comfortable

If you don't feel comfortable in what you're wearing, it's going to show and ultimately, affect your photos. Make sure that your outfit choices allow your personalities to shine.

Dress it up a bit

How do you normally dress for a date or night out on the town? Take that and step it up to the next level from there for your engagement session. Getting a little more dressed up than you usually do puts your mind a different state and gives you that little extra boost of confidence that comes through in your expressions. When you feel like a million bucks, you'll look like a million bucks!

Location/activity/weather dependent

Perhaps the biggest factors in determining what you wear are based on where we are going, what we are doing, and what the weather will be like. Conditions in the northeast are constantly fluctuating so it's best to have a variety of options available and outfits with layers to allow you to stay comfortable.

Bring comfortable footwear

This is one of the biggest things that can make or break your session! We will likely be doing a lot of walking so it's important that you bring along something more comfortable if your main footwear choices aren't conducive to lots of walking.

Coordinate but don't match

It's important that you coordinate your clothing together so you don't clash but please don't try to match each other too closely. Choose colors that compliment one another and help you pop out against the background of the locations where we will be shooting.

Avoid bright colors, busy patterns, and logos

I want the focus of the photos to be on the two of you, not what you're wearing. If one of you is wearing black and the other decides to wear yellow, that's a big contrast and everyone's attention will go to the brightest color automatically. Busy patterns and designs can be distracting and even cause issues like moire, a crazy effect that happens with patterns with lots of lines close together. Unless you're getting paid by the clothing manufacturer, avoid big brand logos as they tend to date your clothing and photos.

No wrinkles please!

Not everything can be fixed with Photoshop. Wrinkles are one of those things that can't be fixed later so be sure to iron or steam your outfits beforehand so you're not stressing during the shoot!