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Engagement Session Ideas

Your engagement session should embody who the two of you truly are. We aren't going to some random park or location just because it's pretty. Let's make sure there is a purpose and connection to what we are going to do.

Here are a few potential ideas to help you brainstorm for your engagement session...

  • Visit a brewery, winery, or distillery
  • Hot air balloon festival
  • National or state park
  • Arcade
  • Your home
  • Waterfalls
  • Museum
  • Food (pizza, burgers, etc.)
  • Cooking class
  • Go carts
  • Renaissance Faire
  • Incorporate your car
  • Amusement park
  • Your favorite city
  • Where you first met
  • Beach

Seasonal Activities


  • Fireworks display


  • Pumpkin picking
  • Visit an orchard


  • Sledding
  • Snow tubing
  • Ice skating
  • Holiday lights