Sam & Josh

April 30, 2016

The Susquehanna Club

Harrisburg, PA

I had such a great time during Sam and Josh's engagement session last summer that I knew their wedding day would be special and it didn't disappoint. There's usually one point in the wedding day where something doesn't go as planned and everyone has to help out to get things back in track. In the case of Sam and Josh's wedding, their weddings rings were left back at their house! The wedding party flew back to their house to get the rings so that the day could resume its schedule. With the help and cooperation of everyone, we were able to get the timeline back on track. We enjoyed a wonderful evening at The Susquehanna Club in Harrisburg and captured some great moments from a really fun crew!


Venue: The Susquehanna Club
Make Up & Hair: Leann Firestone
Florist: Blooms by Vickrey
Caterer: Pennsylvania Bakery