Emily & Brian

October 3, 2015

Liberty Mountain Resort

Fairfield, PA

Emily and Brian's wedding story was a complicated one that had a lot of bumps along the way but ended just perfectly. For starters, Emily and Brian found out that their reception venue (Liberty Mountain Resort) wouldn't be ready in time for their wedding (as it was undergoing reconstruction) so they would be in a tent outside instead. They handled it really well and LMR really stepped it up with a massive, beautiful tent. When I met with Emily to discuss her wedding day, we joked how the only thing that would really throw a wrench into things would be if we had a torrential downpour of rain and strong winds (because of the tent). Apparently the joke was on us because Hurricane Joaquin decided to show up and really make the day difficult. However, it all worked out in the end and we were able to get a really incredible shot with the rain!